Premium Paint Brushes (10-Pack)

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Size Chart
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Premium Brushes

Forget having only three brushes to paint your entire canvas. Many of our designs have a lot of detail, so we made these Premium Paint Brushes to have better comfort and precision when painting.

  Precise - These Premium paint brushes have a unique precision, since they allow to have an ideal setting for painting small and large spaces. With 10 different sizes, any space will be easier and more comfortable to paint

  Handle - Ergonomic grip to paint for hours without hand fatigue. Premium paint brushes provide good balance, firm control and precision to detail when painting. No more pain hands mean that this will be your go-to quality professional powder brush in your art supplies kit.

   Professional - Premium quality faux fur hair that works in all media - these synthetic brushes are suitable for watercolor, acrylic, enamel, oil, polyvinyl or gouache paints. Individually crafted and double corrugated so as not to disturb removable hand paint, bristle or cable with this Fine Art brushes.

Release Your Inner Artist!

Easy Step By Step & Tips

Step 1: Unpack your Canvas, brushes and paintings.

Step 2: Unroll the Canvas. Tip: Before start painting, place your canvas in a flat surface and carefully iron it on the side that does not have the numbering (this technique works well to remove wrinkles).

Step 3: Tape the Canvas and Label your paintings: Once your canvas is wrinkle free, secure it to the surface with Masking Tape by just applying a small tape on the corners. This works well, so it won't move when painting. Also make sure to add all the labels of Crafts by Numbers as the Color Key Display.

Step 4: Fill up a small glass of water and a few paper towels (great for cleaning your brushes when changing colors)

Step 5: Match each of the numbered Paint Pots with the numbered area on the canvas and paint! Finish that area and let it dry before moving to the next color. Clean your brushes with water between each color changing, so it won't mix or blend any paint.

Tip: Additional Layers: It is completely normal that light colors may require an additional layer of paint.

Step 6: Once you finish, you can Frame your kit with our complementary Wooden Frames to display and enjoy your Artwork

What's in Your Paint by Numbers Kit?

All Paint by Numbers Kits comes with everything you need to get started!

• Canvas x1: Preprinted canvas 100% Woven Linen for great absorption and easy to paint. Rolled or folded (depending on the size of choice).

• Numbered Paint Pots x24|48: Acrylic-based paintings, no need to mix or add water. Our paintings are non-toxic and environmental responsible. Safe for kids and pregnancy.

• Paint Brushes x3: Standard paint brush set. 1x Small, 1x Medium & 1x Large. For precise and small areas: Professional Paint Brushes.For better comfort: Premium Paint Brushes

• Color Key Reference: Small reference image of the canvas of choice to know which painting is what number.

• Hooks x2: Including x2 screws and 2x non-see hooks. Add them directly to your canvas and hang it to your wall hangers.

• Wall Hangers x2: No need for nails, these two wall hangers are placed directly on your wall, so you can show your incredible art.

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