Corona Virus

Coronavirus Update

"Because of poor survivability of these coronaviruses on surfaces, there is no likely of spread from products or packaging that are shipped over a period of days or weeks at ambient temperatures. Coronaviruses are generally thought to be spread most often by respiratory droplets. Currently, there is no evidence to support transmission of COVID-19 associated with imported goods and there have not been any cases of COVID-19 in the United States associated with imported goods. Information will be provided on the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) website as it becomes available."

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Shipping Times

Due to the situation we are experiencing in any part of the world, several complications and suspensions have been seen in any type of market. Several third parties and industries have affected the usual way of working.
Currently, due to the high demand for our products, we have several days of shipping delays.
We would infinitely appreciate that you have patience in receiving your products since USPS (our main shipping method) is still working but not with the same capacity as before.

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